Amanda & Domenic.
Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro,
Chiesa di San Benedetto Abate, Cetraro, Calabria.
Wedding Planner: Angela Garbagnati
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Danilo Coluccio

Danilo Coluccio nasce a Siderno nel 1976, è fotografo professionista dal 2001. Con oltre 100 fotografie premiate a livello internazionale, è tra i top fotografi di matrimonio nel mondo dal 2012. Nel 2017 è 2° nei finalisti del premio WPJA POY e AGWPJA Photographer of the Year.


  1. Our wedding photos are more beautiful than we ever could have imagined! Danilo and Oreste are true artists. Danilo and his team were so professional on our wedding day, and we really believe that they were able to capture the beauty that we aren’t able to put into words. We will cherish these photos forever, and we are so blessed to have been able to use Danilo as our wedding photographer!

  2. Danilo is an exceptional artist. His photos are breathtaking and we have received endless compliments on his work. He captured the essence and beauty of our family’s magical day. He and his phenomenal team are professional, courteous, fun and a joy to have around. They work tirelessly and to see them in action is awe inspiring. We consider ourselves very blessed to have worked with such an outstanding photographer. We highly, highly recommend him and are forever grateful for his work. Our memories will last a lifetime, not only in our hearts, but in his incredible photos.

  3. Danilo did an outstanding job on the photos for our daughter and son in law’s wedding. My family and I were extremely impressed with his work. Danilo and his team are great to work with. Thank you for all that you did for our special day.


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